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Brand Story

BlancNeige was created 26 years ago from a mother’s love for her children. Mother Yuki, the creator, had a desperate need to find a cure for her 3 children with an extreme case of skin dermatitis “atopy”. After consulting with doctors constantly, she concluded that medication along with medicated creas would not be a lifetime solution for her childrens’ skin troubles. She could not bear to see her children suffer and the idea of the skin being dependent on medication for a lifetime saddened her.

Mother Yuki was determined to create a PURE skincare solution to help her childrens’ skin sensitivity as well as a special solution for them to have healthy, radiant skin for a lifetime. And thus the birth of BlancNeige. Along with several chemists Mother Yuki discovered a few of Earth’s secret ingredients along with our patented water that could heal the skin naturally which no doctor could ever do. Our pure active plant extracts formula created in Japan aids the body in self healing and makes skin regenerate to its original strong state giving it a shield against the environment.

And it is our hope that we can give your children clear, pure and radiant skin for a LIFETIME.

About Us

We use the BEST and PUREST ingredients to create BlancNeige products as we believe that QUALITY is what we pride ourselves in, our products WORK and the results are evident. Customers see the powers of the ingredients we use and in the AT Series, our star ingredient is SHISO , SACRAN and NASA water. Our customers start from babies and use up to elderly from men to women.  It is evident that our brand is spread through word of mouth. And once friends see good results they bring their friends, and thus our referral system is from years of trust. Many mothers have introduced BlancNeige products during childhood, and use throughout childhood and adolescence. We can say BlancNeige runs in the family and we pass on our products from “mother to daughter and son”.  With the AT Series, you can live life to its fullest by having good skin to be confident about!!




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