AT LINE 24新根系列


AT 系列以最簡單的護膚程序,達致修補受損肌膚細胞、重整肌膚水油平衡的功效。有效改善肌膚的水潤度,讓肌膚終生健康、喚發神采 。 系列中主要包括Blancneige擁有專利的純粹肌活水,有效持續保濕,循環補水同步收細毛孔。產品充滿維他命、礦物質、B-胡蘿蔔素、亞油酸和糖蛋白的日本護膚革命性瑰寶「紫蘇」,其當中的高度抗氧化精華,有效預防癌修補刺激受損細胞重生重整肌膚,足以減少肌膚的敏感反應,如:暗瘡、紅腫、皮膚炎和濕疹引致的發炎情況。

Original series-The AT Series
The AT series was created as our basic skincare to include everything needed to maintain the balance of water and oil to maintain healthy skin daily. Its special ingredients of perilla, Nasa Water, and other Japanese plant extracts were amazing enough to heal sensitive skin, acne skin and eczema skin. With prolonged use there was no need to use 類固醇 or medicated creams.




1. 來自日本先進科學技術研究所的Kaneko博士所研發的“Sacran”成份。Sacran比普通品牌產品鎖水能力足足高達一萬倍,保濕程度更是透明質酸的10倍
以上成份取自日本九州純泉水,Blancneige通過進一步更新本身已擁有的優良配方額外添加,希望為顧客體驗肌膚一整天持久水嫩感的真正感覺!AT系列的皇牌產品是極速紓緩極端的濕疹肌膚的AT Oil,有效解決敏感及濕疹性肌膚,本公司當然建議與其系列其餘產品一同使用...
The Amazing effects of Sacran—learn a little more
Since the origination of our AT Series almost 30 years ago, we have used some time to discover that a prize winning ingredient from the pure spring waters of Kyushu, Japan, when added to our existing excellent ingredients can increase the moisture effects of skincare for all types of skin.  The new ingredient “Sacran” was discovered by Dr. Kaneko (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). It has rich water retaining property and can have phenomenal effects for moisturinzing skin.  “Sacran” contains more than 10 polysaccharide, and its molecular weight is quite high in natural substances and thus has a 10000 times water retaining property and has 5 times the moisture of Hyaluronic acid.
“Sacran is made from the blue algae of the Kyushu springs and the most amazing facts are it has rich water retaining property, can create an invisible film to act as a barrier to skin, ant-inflammatory, reduces wrinkles, completely heals dryness and as the molecules are so tiny, it gives skin great elasticity.

This improved series of star products that have been popular worldwide now feels lighter, more watery and yet not sticky. And yet, all positive effects on skin increased tremendously and the results are amazing. Best of all the entire skincare series can be used on face and eyes. Truly amazing.

Our skincare series is about mixing and matching to suit your skins needs. We do not need many products as we believe simple is best. With the best ingredients from mother earth, and the best technology, we strongly believe a few good products can help skin absorb water and nutrition better. Therefore in our skincare series, we only use a few items, and if you feel it is not enough, apply another layer, until your skin tells you it is enough. That is why this series is applicable anywhere in the world and in any weather.




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